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Главная » 2014 » Февраль » 8 » Тест по английскому языку. Выбор правильного ответа (1 из 3)
Тест по английскому языку. Выбор правильного ответа (1 из 3)
Тест по английскому языку. Выбрать правильный ответ (1 из 3)

  1. _____ his illness, John continued to play rugby.
    Even though

  2. _______ that the American Indian crossed a land bridge into North America from what is now Russia.
    It is considered
    It is thought
    It was thought

  3. None of the students _____ a car.
    have got

  4. Never before _____ as rapidly, as during the last three decades.
    communications have developed
    have communications developed
    have developed communications

  5. It is not yet clearly understood _________ cause obesity.
    why eating too many hamburgers can
    why can eating too many hamburgers
    eating too many hamburgers can

  6. The Eiffel Tower is ________ the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
    as popular a tourist attraction than
    as popular a tourist attraction as
    as more popular a tourist attraction as

  7. While most New Yorkers believe in ghosts, ______ do not.
    are a few who
    there are a few which
    there are a few that

  8. With his first painting \'Le Temple du Mordu\', George Lesereaux _______ to establish himself as a master of pointilism.
    with ability
    was able

  9. ______ Chinese is more difficult to learn than English.
    It is certain that
    Certain it is that
    Certainly is

  10. Thinker and poet, ___________ the Brinker prize for his poem \'Alexander\' in 1976.
    Claude Pinocchio was awarded
    was awarded Claude Pinocchio
    was awarded to Claude Pinocchio

  11. Research now proves that eating fish and chips is healthier than _______
    when eating hamburgers.
    eating hamburgers.
    to eat hamburgers

  12. It was ______ Johnny finally gave up.
    such difficult that
    so difficult that
    so a difficult test that

  13. __________, I would have returned it immediately.
    If I knew that you wanted to read it
    I had known that you wanted to read it
    Had I known that you wanted to read it

  14. In the 1990s, _________ its premium position in the world economy.
    the USA returned
    the USA returned to
    the USA returning

  15. _______ in a home where two parents work is a difficult task indeed.
    Children brought up
    To bring up children
    Bringing up children

  16. There has not yet been any decision made _______ will represent the country at the Olympics.
    concerned athletes chosen
    as to which athletes
    those athletes

  17. ______, Shakespeare was also a prolific writer of sonnets.
    Noting for his plays
    Famous plays
    Noted for his plays

  18. The Concord, which was ______________ jet, could reach New York from London in approximately 2 and 1/2 hours.
    fastest in the world
    the fastest of the world
    the world\'s fastest

  19. Scientists _____________ nano-technology capable of computation at the atomic level.
    newly have developed
    have recently developed
    have still developed

  20. Despite ____________, Jack continued to lose weight.
    he increased his food intake
    increasing food intake
    increased food intake

  21. Singer and entertainer, ____________ for his beautiful and expressive voice.
    was Frank Sinatra famous
    famous was Frank Sinatra
    Frank Sinatra was famous

  22. It is not only important to be on time, __________ courteous when replying to colleagues.
    but also is it important being
    but is it also important to be
    but it is also important to be

  23. Children attending private schools ____________ being slightly spoiled.
    are often accused of
    often accused
    are often accused from

  24. Diets based on only one basic food element ____________ no diet at all.
    can be as ineffective than
    can be as ineffective as
    can be so ineffective than

  25. _________ that James Franklin made his stunning debut.
    It was \'Lions\'
    It was in \'Lions\'
    \'Lions\' it was

  26. Considering human history, it ______________ using mass communications.
    has recently been that man
    is only recently that man has begun
    only recently is that man has begun

  27. That test was _________________
    such difficult that I almost failed
    as difficult that I almost failed
    so difficult that I almost failed

  28. \'Within Tuscany\' ___________ Matthew Spender.
    is written from
    was written from
    was written by

  29. A number of resources _____ watching more than four hours a day of television is more dangerous than listening to the radio four hours a day or more.
    are confirming
    confirm that

  30. ______ the French Revolution, many citizens had become upset with the aristocracy.
    By the time
    By the time of

  31. Civil rights leader, _____ the Cyber Defender prize for her Twitter campaign in 2009.
    Jane Atherby was awarded
    was awarded Jane Atherby
    was Jane Atherby awarded

  32. _______________is certainly much easier with hybrid technology.
    Designing a fuel efficient vehicle
    To design a fuel efficient vehicle
    Fuel efficient vehicle designed

  33. _____ his economic disadvantages, Peter was very successful in business.
    In spite

  34. Eating too many corn products is _____ eating too much meat.
    as dangerous to your health as
    as dangerous to your health than
    as dangerous to your health then

  35. _____ the weather was horrible, we continued our walk through the countryside.
    Even though
    In spite the fact

  36. If she _____ of her brother\'s dire circumstances, she would have taken the first flight to Chicago.
    was informed
    had informed
    had been informed

  37. In the last decade of 1900s, _____ more dependent on telecommunications technology than ever before.
    the world became
    the world has become
    the world is becoming

  38. _____ that vegetables are healthier than beef.
    Certain it is
    Certainly it is
    It is certain

  39. It is not yet clear why _____ such massive protests
    the incident caused
    is the incident caused
    did the incident cause

  40. _____ that the original inhabitants chewed coca leaves to relieve pain.
    It is thought
    It is thinking
    It is considered

  41. _____ the Depression that many of the social reforms were enacted.
    It was during
    By the time
    Due to

  42. It was _____ that my parents decided not to adopt another child.
    so a frustrating experience
    such a frustrating experience
    so a frustrated experience

  43. Marcia applied to the university _____ she couldn\'t afford tuition.
    in spite of

  44. No decision has been reached _____ will receive scholarships to this university.
    as from which students
    concerned students which
    as to which student

  45. None of the patients _____ access to health care insurance.
    have got

  46. ______ his first novel \'Frank and Friends\', Ben Slezak was also an extremely talented web designer.
    Because of
    Noted for

  47. Peter Drexhower _____ achieve his first big success with his second novel \'The Hidden Valley.\'
    was able to
    was able

  48. She _____ immediately, if they had told her about the situation.
    had telephoned
    would telephone
    would have telephoned

  49. The entrance exam was _____ that Peter had to take it four times.
    such difficult
    such a difficult
    so difficult

  50. While most citizens have some sort of religious belief, _____ many who do not.
    there are still
    are there still
    there are yet

  51. Cannon Beach, _____ famous for its beautiful beaches, is located just an hour\'s drive from Portland.
    that is
    which is
    for which is

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