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Главная » 2014 » Февраль » 9 » Тесты по английскому языку
Тесты по английскому языку

1. Which of these are not the names of English verb forms?

A. Simple past

B. Present progressive

C. Future perfect

D. Perfect present

E. Simple progressive

F. Past perfect

G. Future past


2. Are these spellings right R or wrong W

A. I`m siting at the back of the train - W

B. He`s travelling this week - W

C. Is this train stoping in Birmingham? - W

D. She`s showing the new design to her manager. - R

E. I`m hopping she`ll arrive in time. - W

F. My sister is always beatting me at tennis. - W

G. It is beginning to rain. - R

H. We`re developping a new product.


3. Which of these present tense forms are correctly used?

 A. What are frogs usually eating?

B. The kettle boils. – Please take it off the stove.

C. Water boils at 100 Celsius.

D. I`m playing tennis every Wednesday.

E. Alice works for an insurance company.

F. Look – it snows.


 4. Which of these sentences are right?

A. His train will arrive at 11.30.

B. His train arrives at 11.30

C. The summer term starts on April 10`th.

D. The summer term will start on April 10`th


5. Are these verb forms right R or wrong W?

A. I played him in cash. - W

B. I`m afraid I`ve hit your car. -R

C. She learnt it. -R

D. The hot water pipes -R


 6. Which is the best reply: A, B, C

Which of these are your suitcases?

A. They`re the blue suitcases with the red straps.

B. They`re the blue ones with the red straps.

C. They`re the blue with the red straps.


 7. Right or wrong?

A. If you haven`t got a fresh chicken, I`ll take a frozen. - W

B. If you haven`t got a fresh chicken, I`ll taken a frozen one. - W

C. If you haven`t got fresh cream, I`ll take tinned. - R

D. If you haven`t got fresh cream, I`ll take tinned one. - W


 8. Right or wrong?

A. Which would you like? -R

B. Which one do you like? - W

C. Which ones would you like? -R

D. This looks the best? - W

E. Either one will suit me? – W

F. This small looks nicest? - W

G. This small one looks the nicest? - W


 9. Which of these sentences are right?

A. Europe`s economic problems are serious. -R

B. The Europe`s economic problems are serious. - W

C. The economic problems are serious. -R

D. I met boss`s wife yesterday. - W

E. I met the boss`s wife yesterday. -R


 10. Right or wrong?

A. It`s snowing before long. - W

B. It`s going to snow before long. -R

C. It`ll be snowing before long. -R


 Which of these structures are normally correct?

 A. I`ve met her before she started working here.

B. I`m sure we`ve met before.

C. I haven`t been abroad yesterday.

D. I`ve bought a new car recently.

E. She`s never said sorry in her life.

F. I never said sorry when I had the chance.


Right or wrong

A. You always ought to have your mobile phone with you. - R

B. You ought always to have your mobile phone with you. - W

C. You ought not to forget your phone when you go out. - R

D. You ought to not forget your phone when you go out. - W


 Which of these sentences are right?

A. Our house is getting new windows this summer.

B. Our house is going to get new windows this winter.

C. Their new house is looking over the river.

D. Their new house is going to look over the river.


Which of these are right?

A. I played a lot of tennis when I lived in Bath.

B. I was playing a lot of tennis when I go to know Pete, so I was pretty fit.

C. I was having lunch with the president the other day, and he said…..

D. John was saying that he still can`t find a job.

Скачать ответы на тесты по английскому языку >>>

Категория: Аттестация учителей английского языка | Просмотров: 5568 | Добавил: Nadegda | Рейтинг: 3.0/1
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Надежда, спасибо большое за работу! Только вот этот тест Вы выложили сразу с ответами? или я что-то неправильно сделала?

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